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Recently we moved from one state to another and had Atlas as our moving company. We received our shipment 3 weeks late and when we did, half of the shipment was damaged and half of the shipment never made it.

After fighting for 8 months, we finally decided to settle on getting the move for free. These yahoos in the middle of the fight actually tried to bill us for extra mileage.

I would highly recommend using another company if you ever move from on state to another. This had to be one of the worst experiences we ever went through.

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It sounds as though we did a little better than you, but they still suck. When they dropped off our boxes at our temporary housing they claimed one box didn't exist; this box had expensive items in it and I ended up calling the manager over it and ripping him a new one.

Behold, the box suddenly appeared. We also had so much damage to our furniture and items. Our 7 piece beautiful bedroom suite had 5 of the items damaged to where we had them professionally repaired. They ruined our living room TV, the kitchen table was gouged to almost beyond repair, etc.

etc. These were the worst movers I have ever had in my life and I've had quite a few.

The company picked them and I'm wondering if they were just trying to save a buck. Do yourself a favor and NEVER go with Atlas.

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